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Mage in the Mirror Princesses for 3D Printing

PostPosted: Thursday September 24th, 2020 8:52am
by Malcadon
I have made a pair of Princesses for HeroQuest, remixed from two different designs found on Thingiverse: A "Noble Lady" figure and a blank HQ base.

The first figure, Silver Princess Child was made for the sake of the Mage in the Mirror Quest Pack. As you guys know, the Mage in the Mirror did not include a Princess figure, instead a token and a magic mirror standee.

The second figure, Silver Princess Adult was made for the general purpose Captured Maiden/Damsel-in-Distress roles, but she can also be used as a playable Heroin by her own right.

HEADS-UP: They are not properly manifolded. (A normal issue with Blender, AKA the "Lament Configuration" of 3D applications.) I managed to print them out without issue, but YMMV.

Enjoy! |_P