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Re: heroquest printable minis

PostPosted: Sunday July 5th, 2020 3:53am
by Anderas
Depends on the material you print with. I quickly found out that the original material delivered with my printer is totally brittle.
I now print with something ABS like, however, that's transparent too, and transparency makes problems with resin printers. I have to rework the base regularly.

Then there is also "Flex" material, but I've heard it shrinks by 7% or more during the weeks after printing. So if you use that you're looking at a waiting time of weeks before you can start paint - frankly, ordering online is better in that case.

Then there is a material which is stable and flexible and doesn't shrink all too much, but that material has a price which is simply insane. GW-like insane.

All of the above are toxic with no end.

Then I found one wich is not too toxic, but otherwise combines bad habits of other materials....

3d printing is not easy, after all.

Re: heroquest printable minis

PostPosted: Sunday July 5th, 2020 2:22pm
by Syco54645
Kurgan wrote:Those look great, of course a shot next to some original versions would be nice. How is the material? Brittle?

I printed them on my FDM printer at .12 layer height using sunlu pla+ filament. It is not really brittle at all. I do not have the originals to do a side by side. My resin printer will be here in a month or so, waiting rather impatiently for that.

Re: heroquest printable minis

PostPosted: Friday July 10th, 2020 3:07pm
by Kurgan
Out of curiosity, how much do those printers run these days? How much does the printing material (plastic) cost?

Re: heroquest printable minis

PostPosted: Friday July 10th, 2020 4:29pm
by cornixt
FDM printers start at around $200, the PLA is around $20 per kg, which works out to be about $0.10 per 28mm model.
Resin printers are closer to $300 to start, resin is around $50 per liter, so closer to $0.40 per model.

Re: heroquest printable minis

PostPosted: Friday July 10th, 2020 5:12pm
by Anderas
Plus all the time.

Re: heroquest printable minis

PostPosted: Tuesday July 14th, 2020 6:08pm
by Kurgan
Those prices are actually pretty reasonable... now as to the resolution... don't decent 3d printers where miniatures are concerned cost thousands?

Edit: I see those are the newer resin printers I have been hearing about. I'm curious about the sturdiness of the material but the results look pretty fantastic so far.

Re: Good STL files for fdm 3d printer

PostPosted: Monday August 31st, 2020 9:55pm
by Malcadon
ghost01013 wrote: I was looking for some good quality stl files for the elf quest pack.

I would personally avoid the batch file HeroQuest elf s quest mage of the mirror part 1 & 2 by user dranac73 on Thingiverse as they are not the best quality. Also, the set is so makeshift that it uses Princess Zelda from the Hyrulian Warriors game for the titular princess. While NES Zelda or young OoT Zelda would have been better, HW Zelda is... well... really busty for a 10-year old girl. Hell the shabby work the guy did to blend the princess to the shallow-based mirror makes is way more top-heavy than it should. (yes, I know I'm a little fixated on the boobs, but this is comically bad! LOL) Don't count on the Key Token and Bottle Token to come out right, as they are not fully bonded to themselves. Although, the Throne Room and wall section looks neat (although, I never printed them due to size). And I did print the mirror as a set it looks nice.

Despite that, dranac73 did make some good quality 'repaired' figures for that game set: Female Elf Hero; Elven Archer;Elven Warrior; Giant Wolf and Archmage. I have printed all of them.

For the Orgres, you can print out his pair of Ogres, or you can use this DIY Ogre set perfect for Against the Ogre Horde.

His Men-At-Arms looks good on the surface, but the way he want about to make them look like they are holding their weapons was far from smooth. All the overlapping bits might not result in the best quality. For that classic interchangeable Men-At-Arms, you can go here. Or this, if you want them fused with their weapons.

As for an Elven Princess figure, I took an empty UK-styled HQ base and added dutchmogul's Noble Lady (18mm scale) figure to it in Blender. I made two figures: An Adult Princess enlarged by x1.333 to Heroic Scale; and a Child Princess in the 18mm scale, but with her chest flattened (as a backwards boob-job) with an editing tool. Although they came out better than expected (save for Adult Princess loosing a hand :bites-lip: ), my work was also shoddy as they suffer from bad Manifolding (the learning curve with Blender is a real pain!), so they are not going live on Thingiverse until I can fix that issue. Here is what the figure looks like at 18mm tall and with original base (HQ base would be about twice as wide):


I hope this is at all useful to you.

Re: Good STL files for fdm 3d printer

PostPosted: Wednesday November 11th, 2020 3:44pm
by laukiaerkko

Re: Good STL files for fdm 3d printer

PostPosted: Tuesday December 29th, 2020 7:33pm
by Kurgan
A quick search for Heroquest STL reveals tons of results. Now that I have access to a 3d printer (via family) I am taking an interest in this. Really though the sky is the limit, if you can design a 3d model, you can print your own figures, and while I used to think they looked terrible, with sanding or other techniques or using resin printers, you can create some pretty high quality looking creations. I think the ones that are original creations look a lot better than the scanned GW figures.

From a different thread:

HeroQuest 3d printable minis:

(those are just the first results of a search for heroquest stl)

STL files are free (windows 10 is already setup to preview them). All you need is a 3d printer, but even lacking one, affordable 3d printing services exist. So I'm not saying you have to use boardgamesmaker, but they do it, for example (cheaper alternatives exist, check your local library or university).

Best 3D Printing services:

Also, if you have windows 10, you can automatically fix errors in the STL files (that may otherwise prevent printing) using the free app called "3D Builder." It fixes common errors fairly easily. There are also online fix it applications but they tend to be slow, or jack up the file size or "time out" if there are too many errors. It's a painfully simple process with the application.

Re: Good STL files for fdm 3d printer

PostPosted: Tuesday December 29th, 2020 10:21pm
by Malcadon
I made for myself a list for HeroQuest files for my own use and anyone who is interested. Its more filtered, with models I'm more interested in printing.