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Bard. Revisited !

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Bard. Revisited !

Postby Azure » Saturday September 12th, 2020 4:03pm

Hi there guys. For those of you who wanted to play using a Bard, some versions do exist online.
I am part of a HeroQuest Discord Channel, where somebody named Brother Crow shared his amazing work on the Bard.
He went as far as creating custom spell cards for him and the artwork is quite nice !
The channel can be found here : https://discord.gg/rv9u47
Join us ! High Adventure in a World of Magic !!

You can get the Spell Cards from Brother Crow if you scroll all the way back to April 29th 2020

His work is fantastic. Basically, here are the types of songs from the Bard's list. (Check Brother Crow's work for the song names)

1 - A song to make all heroes re-roll their lowest movement die.

2 - A song that keeps enemies away from the Bard during 1 turn. Also applies to anybody standing adjacent to the Bard - Monsters cannot come attack them.

3 - A song that will double the treasure you find // the other option is to select between 2 treasure cards - keep the best of the 2.

4 - A song that heals everybody by 2 Body Points // or The Bard rolls 2d6 and splits the result between the heroes.

5 - A song that increases the attack of all heroes by 1 combat die // or allows you to re-roll any black shields on your attack phase.

6 - A song that will refresh one spell to a specific targeted hero //one use only !! - - (May it be the Wizard or the Paladin, or the Druid...as you wish)

7 - A song that pushes back the enemies by 2 squares - and they also have to perform a Mind check to skip their turn. They need to roll 4-5-6 to remain in combat, otherwise, they skip their turn.

:greyorb: The Bard's Stats :greyorb:
:skull: Attack Dice unarmed is 1.
:whiteshield: Defense Dice unprotected is 2.
:redheart: Body Points is 5.
:blueorb: Mind Points is 5.
Starting weapon : Short Bow (adds 1 combat die) // or Short Sword (adds 1 combat die)
The Bard cannot wear a shield, as he often needs to sheath his weapon to start playing the Lute/Harp.
The Bard is skilled with swords, crossbows, and bows.
Maximum Sword handling is the Longsword and Rapier. He cannot go higher.
The Bard can wear Leather Armor, Cloak of Protection, Chain Mail. The Chain Mail should be his maximum defensive armor.

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Make a small donation to Ye Olde Inn!

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Every cent received goes toward Ye Olde Inn's maintenance and allows us to continue providing the best resources for HeroQuest and Fantasy Gaming fans.

Re: Bard. Revisited !

Postby Orc26 » Saturday September 26th, 2020 9:28pm

I need to get around to putting our custom heroes up on here, but our bard does a few similar things, but at the end of the bard's turn that he played a song, Zargon draws from the treasure deck, if a treasure, nothing, or hazard card is drawn nothing happens, if a wandering monster card is drawn a wandering monster is placed on the board, drawn out by the bards playing. (The drawn card is then shuffled back into the deck.) Unlike normal wandering monsters bard monsters don't get an immediate attack and they are placed further away from the heroes.

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Re: Bard. Revisited !

Postby Stig » Monday September 28th, 2020 4:40pm

We need to make THE Bard a Character; based on "The Best Thing About Heroquest"


Weapon: Broadsword

Move :roll6: :roll6:
Att :skull: :skull: :skull:
Def :whiteshield: :whiteshield:
BP 6
MP 4

Gravity Land: Once per Quest, the Barbaric Bard may defy gravity. He may walk along a wall, passing over any monsters and furniture.
Affinity for Gargoyles: When the Bard moves into line of sight of a gargoyle, his turn immediately ends. In order to attack a Gargoyle, he must pass a Mind Test. Once passed, he may attack the Gargoyle normally.
Steady move: Instead of rolling to move, the Bard may choose to move six squares and ignore the roll to move rule.

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