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Re: Ice Ledge and Bottomless Chasm

PostPosted: Saturday July 18th, 2020 9:12pm
by wallydubbs
It just occurred to me, another possible save or at least Protection from going over the edge: Wall of Stone from the Spells of Protection from Wizards of Morcar. The Wizard could build a wall of stone along the ledge beforehand, so if any hero slips, they couldn't roll of the ledge.

In Frozen Horror I'd usually use that spell to prevent an Ice Gremlin from running away with an item, but in this case it could actually save a life.

Re: Ice Ledge and Bottomless Chasm

PostPosted: Saturday July 18th, 2020 10:28pm
by Jalapenotrellis
I've always wondered what others use the wall spells for. Never thought of this

Re: Ice Ledge and Bottomless Chasm

PostPosted: Thursday October 21st, 2021 1:00pm
by Daedalus
Anderas wrote:If you include the elf spells, you can also flashback a dead character back into life. That one's probably needed at least for the part where the heroes cross the ledge twice.

I am still thinking about this, because I hate of instant death stuff.
Even the less dangerous falling block traps behind doors are somewhat no-no for me (and you decide yourself if you step in or out when it comes down).

So for the ice ledge, I think there must be a solution somehow.


Like a trap, only Heroes, not monsters, need to check for a slip on the ice ledge. In particular, the square just inside the door resembles a pit trap that can't be searched for and is sprung when the room is entered.

Another way to give resourceful Heroes (and their mercenaries) a chance to mitigate these death-trap rooms could be to allow an icy square to be disarmed as a trap. Since a square must moved onto to disarm it, that Hero must still roll for slipping (unless he is wearing Snowshoes of Speed.) If successfully disarmed, a Hero entering the room on that square can now be considered safe from slipping. A failure forces slip checks as normal, even if Snowshoes of Speed are worn. (Special Quest note effect trumps Artifact Card.)

Should the first square inside the door be disarmed, those following needn't make the roll upon entering. Thus, a successful move roll (Hero) or move (Mercenary) gets a figure through safely. If the roll or move isn't enough, move the figure anyway and roll a combat die for slipping as usual. I'd recommend just one disarm attempt for the whole room, but a kinder Zargon could allow farther icy squares to be disarmed, creating an even safer way.