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Re: So what is an Ice Gremlin anyway?

PostPosted: Wednesday August 4th, 2021 10:33am
by Kurgan
I would say not, they are intended to be thieves. The 3 body points seems excessive (more like a chaos warrior than a goblin!) but its to make it harder to kill them to get your stuff back. Considering they appear in quests where the number of monsters you face is higher than ever before (they assume you are fully equipped AND have mercenary support), having a weaker enemy mixed in won't get a complaint from me.

Then again you do face variants of monsters, like Orcs carrying staves or crossbows, goblins carrying bows, Chaos Warriors or Gargoyles with stone armor, that sort of thing, one off's that are a bit stronger than normal.

Ice Warriors would seem like a new type of monster, maybe do that!