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Re: Talisman of Lore

PostPosted: Friday June 21st, 2019 1:23am
by Anderas
I'm rolling with Phoenix' Ogre stats. They're well balanced.

The Gargoyle is a big monster in the beginning, but for maxed heroes, it's just another Gargoyle. It's not the end of the range.

In the topic "Hydra!" I once made a calculation what would be the stats if you make a quest with only one single monstermonster challenging enough to be interesting for maxed heroes.

Those were the stats I got:

8 8 44 (well, 44 BP is kind of ridiculous :D)
9 9 33
10 10 26
11 11 20
12 12 16
13 13 13

A sleep spell should be defended by this kind of monster. :-)