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Some of my Heroscape creations

PostPosted: Thursday August 28th, 2008 1:11am
by ballth
Here are some of my other maps and rules variants that have been saved on Boardgamegeek. I was actually surprised to see some of them on there when I was randomly searching one time. The forum went defunct and that is where I had uploaded most of my files. Low and behold, I find out that some dude from New Zealand had saved a huge lot of files from the old forum and posted them to the 'Geek. That was fine with me once I figured out that he had left all the files with their proper "copyrights" attached. So although some of my files say they were uploaded by "nexttothemoon", they are still mine. Thats cool...saved me a bunch of work re-uploading them! Anyway, heroscapers, enjoy!

Secret Of The Wellsprings A 3-player scenario based on the old Dark Towers game. This was one of our favorite maps when we first started playing.

Spiralbound I had just created SPELLBOUND and was playing off the idea when I named this map. It is generally just a capture-the-flag scenario with a spire at each end of the map. At the top of each was where the team flags were based. I think my kids were big into Halo at the time too, so this was an attempt to lure them away from the "evil" video games for a while!

Mercenary Heroes My original description for this variant read like this: "Massive Multiplayer Free-For-All. Any # of players. Multiple Master sets (the more the better!)" In Heroscape you have Unique Heroes and Squad Units. Mercenary Heroes didn't allow players to draft any unique heroes because they were randomly placed on the map prior to play and squad units earned kill points which converted to "merc money" that was used to buy the mercenaries' services. It made for a very chaotic multiplayer game. Long, but fun!

Teleport This one is just a rule variant that introduced a teleport option into the game. Interesting.

A River Runs Through It One of my earlier attempts at map building and rule varying. It was a general map we originally used as a capture-the-flag type scenario. This one introduced the variant of "Respawning" too. (Hints of Halo again, although it wasn't Beaver Creek!)

There are lots of other maps and rule variants that I've created. There was a rule variant called Karma which made you think twice before just killing someone off. Some other map scenarios like The Prisoner, Reaction To Action, King Of The Mountain, etc. We're currently playing two different map scenarios. One is called Sacred Circles and the other is untitled but it is basically a Protect Your General scenario. They are both really fun maps and we've kept using those same two for three weeks now.

I've just uploaded a copy of a variant that I collaborated on with Malechi called Ancient Cannons to the 'Geek. When they get it posted, I'll add a link here to it.

I hope this post is enjoyable and beneficial to all my fellow Heroscape fans.

Re: Some of my Heroscape creations

PostPosted: Wednesday September 10th, 2008 11:19am
by drathe
I've always been interested in trying HeroScape, unfortunately I couldn't afford to be interested enough to actually do it. I also don't know anyone locally who plays it to catch a taste.

Re: Some of my Heroscape creations

PostPosted: Tuesday August 10th, 2010 10:24am
by kboleen
I really enjoy Heroscape, but I rarely am able to play it. I think in the six years I've had the game, I've been able to play it twice. I've actually used the tiles for many other games: LOTR TMG, Mage Knight, and MK Dungeons which plays especially well on Heroscape tiles using a fan created variant called MK Dungeons outdoors. I like your maps, Secrets of the Wellspring. I think it would make a great MKDungeons map.

Re: Some of my Heroscape creations

PostPosted: Tuesday March 22nd, 2011 3:51pm
by HeroQuestFrance
I don't like the game at all since it mixes fantasy & science fiction.
It's also a skirmich boardgame something I don't like.
However, the modular board is excellent ...

Re: Some of my Heroscape creations

PostPosted: Tuesday March 22nd, 2011 4:27pm
by gravaillon
HEROQUEST QUEST FRANCE, We like your reviews of boardgames,
we like all your work (a very important amount of works)

So.... Why don't you put all of these interesting things on a blog that you create ??? Please, do that !!!