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the Quest Kids Kickstarter

PostPosted: Wednesday October 23rd, 2019 9:31am
by Tott
just found: ... =user_menu
which looks like a nice way to get younger kids into the hobby.
really pretty cheap as well in the modern market.

not much longer to go but its already funded.

Re: the Quest Kids Kickstarter

PostPosted: Tuesday April 26th, 2022 3:27am
by Tott
I backed the original KS of this and i have to say the game is excellent for the target audience of 5+, my daughter (who was 6 at the time) loved it, really engaged with it and i think it really helped get her ready for HeroQuest which shes now playing. theres a sequel on KS now ... tolks-cave
which im backing as well, as with the first one, of you have children in the right age bracket i cant recomend this game highly enough!