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Re: Christmas Present suggestion!

PostPosted: Friday October 28th, 2022 9:59am
by lpblanks
StratosVX wrote:
lpblanks wrote:I've always wanted to play DUNGEON! which is published by WOTC. From what I understand it's like D&D but much more simplified.

I thought I had read that they kept the rules the same from the 1970's/1980's era Dungeon. If so, it isn't really like D&D from what I remember (but it has been a couple of decades since I played it). You shuffle the treasure cards and put one treasure card, face down, on each room. You do the same for the enemies. To get the treasure, you have to kill the monster in the room. It's a race to see who can collect the most and get out without dying. The rooms have a difficulty level to them (which determines the level of monster and treasure) so you can stick to the easier rooms and get less valuable treasure or you can go with the harder rooms. I used to play my dad's copy when I was a kid and that version was ridiculously hard. I honestly don't know how anyone would have been able to get multiple treasures out of the harder rooms unless the luck of the dice was on your side. I remember there were monsters that would kill me in the first shot. Hopefully they improved the combat mechanics if they kept the rules. From cornixt's post, it doesn't sound like they did much (if any) improvement though.

Yeah from what I've read so far it doesn't sound like D & D much at all. I was pretty much quoting what the boardgamegeek website had in it's description.
I'm surprised to read that it is that difficult, I always just assumed that it was an easy game to play! Thanks for the info on the game.

Re: Christmas Present suggestion!

PostPosted: Friday October 28th, 2022 11:39am
by cornixt
It's easy to play but harder to win, which lengthens the game a bit. If I was to play it now, I'd give everyone a +1 sword just to make it go faster. It looks like I've been playing the 2014 version.

If you want to introduce your kids to D&D then I have a suggestion, although it's not a present. I used to play a really basic version of D&D with my kids when they were young. No dice or equipment sheets, all theatre of the mind. Just let them make up adventurer characters and then mentally drop them in a scenario that you control. They get to decide what to do and you tell them what happens when they try to do it. You can control the level of peril, gore, and amusing voices. Everything from fantasy to sci-fi to slice-of-life. I may have stolen the plots of several tv shows and movies. Easy to play in the car on long journeys or while camping.