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Reporting Posts

Discuss Running the Gauntlet, published in the second HeroQuest Novel, The Screaming Spectre by Dave Morris.

Reporting Posts

Postby drathe » Tuesday May 5th, 2015 2:52am

Everyone experiences very busy periods in life. The same is true for Inn Staff and it takes a very long time to comb through all the posts being made during the short time we have available to visit the forum. Members may not be aware, but there is a tool that allows you to assist us in managing the plethora of topics and posts here at the Inn.

At the top-right of each post, there are various icons. One of which is the Report Post icon and it looks like this:

Clicking Report Post will take you to a report page. On this page there is a drop-down menu listing several options and a message window where you may provide further information if necessary, or requested. Reporting posts brings them to the immediate attention of Inn Staff when we next visit the forum.

    The drop-down options are as follows: (most are self-explanatory but some clarifications are in italics)
  • The reported post violates the forum rules.
  • The reported post contains foul language that has thwarted the forum censors and a new word censor is required.
    -If you have the forum censors turned off in your User Control Panel, this option won't apply to you.
  • The reported post's thread should be in a different forum.
    - A lot of topics end up in General Discussion areas that may fit better in more specific topic sections. Use this option if you believe the topic is better in a different area where it will be more easily found.
  • The reported post contains a link to a yeoldeinn.com page that leads to an Error 404 page.
  • The reported post was accidentally Soft-Deleted and you would like it un-deleted and available for members to read.
  • The reported post has been Soft-Deleted and now requires a permanent Hard-Delete by an Innkeeper or Wizard.
    -If you delete your posts, this one is very helpful to staff as the forum doesn't alert us when posts are Soft-Deleted. We can otherwise only discover them by reading topics and seeing posts appearing in magic-trap green.
  • The reported image's preview and/or thumbnail is missing, and/or not loading.
    -This option applies to the Forum Gallery.
  • The reported message has the only purpose to advertise for a website or another product.
    - This is the option for SPAM. (it's worded awkwardly, but the phrase is prebuilt into the forum and we're stuck with it)
  • The reported message does not fit into any other category, please use the further information field.

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Re: Reporting Posts

Postby Sjeng » Wednesday May 6th, 2015 1:56pm

Thanks for bringing that to our attention!

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Re: Reporting Posts

Postby jonu5123 » Friday December 2nd, 2016 11:15am

I am trying to get a hold of the man who calls himself drathe.
I was looking for your info and couldn't find it. This is Jon Usiak, once created some tiles for you guys. Wanted to see how things were going. My email has changed in the last decade and i noticed on the site it is my old (AOL) account. Please contact me a jonusiak5123@gmail.com


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