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Re: Question about the altar.

PostPosted: Monday August 29th, 2016 7:31pm
by Thor-in

I like the way you put it, I haven't played this one yet but what you said makes sense and would play it that way. |_P

Re: Question about the altar.

PostPosted: Thursday October 29th, 2020 2:17pm
by Zenithfleet
Daedalus wrote:Treasure taken from Durrag-Dol isn't necessarily cursed. It is only necessary to first dedicate any treasure on the Alter of the Living Ancestor for the war against Morcar. Then it is safe from the curse and may be taken as normal.

I concur, sir! (he says four years later) ;)

'Dedicated' doesn't mean 'donated'. It just means you take it to the altar and promise the ancestors that you'll use the treasure for a good cause, i.e. to fight Morcar.

The Ancestors just want to make sure you're not a filthy thieving rat like most of their visitors these days.

The Quest looks as if it's designed so that you get the hammer (Sognirstane) very early in the adventure and are tempted to just leave without bothering to find the altar. In which case the ancestors won't be happy.