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It's The List...

Topics and Rules for Christmas and Christmas in July miniature exchanges are discussed in this room.

It's The List...

Postby Thor-in » Friday December 7th, 2018 6:06pm

So I was sitting at work today thinking about last years exchange (because I finally got a chance to think about something other then my job) and how I helped Geofonos with a list of who has sent and recived and from whom each year. So no body was sending or reciving a mini to or from the same participant. Seeing as we are on our, wow 7th exchange now (this seems to be a growing them each year). I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a topic, or more a shortcut index of each year. So that next year, the host (which I was thinking of doing) wouldn't have to run through 7 years of posts and double checking the draw. They would be all in one spot.

2012 Exchange

Sender - Receiver

Goblin-King - Tasoe
Spiky - Goblin-King
Wolfie907 - Spiky
Big Bene - Wolfie907
Tasoe - Big Bene

2013 Christmas in July Exchange

Sender- Receiver

Mako-Heart - Spiky
Spiky - Tasoe
Sjeng - Wolfie907
Washi - Goblin- King
Shy Design - Bruenor
Goblin-King - Shy Design
Wolfie907 - Mako-Heart
Patroclus - Sjeng
Tasoe - TMU
Bruenor - Templar
TMU - Washi
Templar - Patroclus
Billdask - Ivenbach
Ivenbach - Billdask

2013 Christmas Exchange

Sender - Receiver

Patroclus - Spiky
Tasoe - Goblin-King
Big Bene - Tasoe
Maike05 - TMU
Spiky - Chaoticprime
Goblin-King - Bruenor
drathe - Jewels!
Wolfie907 - Big Bene
TMU - drathe
Spiky/ Jewels! - Wolfie907
Maike05 - Chaoticprime
Patroclus - Bruenor

2015 Exchange

Sender - Receiver

Baylor_OgreBane - Jackyboy
Anderas - Billdask
KnightKrawler - Mako-Heart
Goblin-King - Ulver
Billdask - Goblin-King
Tasoe - Sajungzak
Jackyboy - KnightKrawler
Scoundrel - Wolfie907
Sajungzak - Decipher
Ulcer - Sjeng
Sjeng - Guitarhulk
IvenBach - Anderas
Guitarhulk - IvenBach
Wolfie907 - Baylor_OgreBane
Decipher - EvilWizardCharacter
EvilWizardCharacter - Tasoe

2016 Exchange

Sender - Receiver

KnightKrawler - drathe
Goblin-King - Lucasdp
Andreas - Mophus
Wolfie907 - Goblin-King
Big Bene - Figomurphy
drathe - Spiky
Sparkymark - Andreas
Whitebeard - Guitarhulk
Jackyboy - Wolfie907
Mophus - KnightKrawler
Figomurphy - Jackyboy
Spiky - Geofonos
Geofonos - Big Bene
Tasoe - Sparkymark
Lucasdp - Whitebeard
Thantos - Tasoe
Guitarhulk - Thantos

2017 Exchange

Sender - Receiver

Anderas - sajungzak
benvoliothefirst - Jackyboy
Figomurphy - Goblin-King
Geofonos - guitarhulk
Goblin-King - Geofonos
guitarhulk - Sparkymark
Jackyboy - Sjeng
knightkrawler - tasoe
lestodante - Thor-In
sajungzak - Spiky
Sjeng - TMU
Sparkymark - knightkrawler
Spiky - j_dean80
tasoe - whitebeard
Thantos - benvoliothefirst
Thor-In - Anderas
TMU - Figomurphy
whitebeard - lestodante
j_dean80 - Thantos

2018 Exchange

Sender - Receiver

tasoe - Thor-in
Anderas - j_dean80
knightkrawler - lestodante
Pancho - whitebeard
lestodante - Pancho
Goblin-King - TMU
Figomurphy - tasoe
TMU - guitarhulk
Thor-in - Goblin-King
whitebeard - Rogue Servitor
Geofonos - Anderas
guitarhulk - knightkrawler
Rogue Servitor - Sparkymark
Rath of Un - Geofonos
Sparkymark - Rath of Un

2019 Exchange

Sender - Receiver
Weltenlaeufer - Lemmeron
Uncle_Elvis - j_dean80
Thor-in - Lestodante
Tasoe - Anderas
Sparkymark - Billdask
Rath of Un - Guitarhulk
Pancho - Tasoe
Lestodante - Geofonos
Lemmeron - Sparkymark
Knightkrawler - Thor-in
j_dean80 - Rath of Un
Guitarhulk - Uncle_Elvis
Geofonos - Knightkrawler
Billdask - Pancho
Anderas - Krautscientist
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