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Demonstration no.4 (Memory Bags)

PostPosted: Saturday October 10th, 2020 2:24pm
by Azure
In TableTop Simulator, from STEAM, there is a place called ''workshops''. It's a page where people share their 3D assets and virtual tokens, pawns, 3D elements, effects, and props. In the workshop, we can find the Memory Bag 2.0 created by a certain ''MrStump'' - - All credits to him and his wonderful invention.

So here, using screenshots from the HeroQuest virtual board, I explain how things evolve from the perspective of both the Dungeon Master, and the Player.
Please take time to analyze the screenshots. I just made them as easy to understand as I could.

:redorb: Image 1: Zargon prepares the game ahead of time, placing the things and monsters on the board. Zargon will put the bag beside the room he is creating and will arrange and position all the elements accordingly to his plans and desires. (The bag can be placed far away after the entire process, away from the game board)

:redorb: Image 2: Zargon clicked the bag's option called ''SETUP''. Immediately, red transparent squares appear, hovering above each of the elements. By clicking on these red transparent squares, they turn neon green. Zargon will keep turning each square green - - but ONLY for the elements that correspond to WHAT'S INSIDE that room. Zargon must pay attention if there is a door in this room that only concerns the room itself. Once all the contents are strategically selected, Zargon will hit ''SUBMIT''.

:redorb: Image 3: Zargon will now finalize the bag and click ''RECALL''. All the selected elements in neon green will be thrown into the bag. the bag will remember the specific angles, specific positioning, and specific types of items that correspond to this room.

:redorb: Image 4: Our beloved hero, The Barbarian, kicks the door open with a strong push. Zargon clicks the ''PLACE'' button, revealing all the contents of the room within less than 3 seconds. The monsters appear before the player's eyes, along with the furniture. The adventure continues.

So, now you know everything. That is what I'm using in Tabletop Simulator.
I've been showing this to new HeroQuest players since early 2019.

:skull: :skull: :skull:

I hope the community will become bigger, and I also hope that many of you will purchase TableTop Simulator, and join us on Epic Quests against the Forces of Chaos.

It may take approximately 30 to 45 minutes for the Game Master to fully setup a Quest.
It's a matter of choice. I think it interrupts the game if Zargon goes behind his DM screen to fetch monsters and furniture, and then places them and spins them around.
I prefer preparing the entire quest whilst listening to music. It keeps the pace and rhythm of the adventure !!