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Ye Olde Inn's Summer 2009 Quest Contest Details.


Postby drathe » Wednesday July 22nd, 2009 12:44pm

Direct Link to Quest Map

by Zeno

Unngh! You wake up on a deserted beach with an ache down to your bones, the sound of surf pounding your ears, and sand in your mouth. You have a fuzzy memory of traveling aboard the ship “Majesty of the Empire” on an errand for the Emperor when the mother of all storms hit. You spare a brief, sad thought for those who must have gone down to a watery grave, then assess your own situation. The other Heroes appear to have also washed up on this beach in one piece, but… where are you? And how are you going to get back to civilization? Perhaps the most pressing question is- are you going to survive the attempt?

Special Rules for Shipwrecked!

1. Castaways
The Heroes find themselves stranded on a desolate tropical island, shipwrecked after a terrible storm. They awake on a beach- sore, woozy, wet…and utterly lost. Once they take stock of their situation, they realize most of their equipment went down with the ship, including any Mercenaries. This should present a challenge to veteran adventurers, as well as provide a devious method to unburden groups that tend to travel with every artifact ever created.

The Heroes manage to hold onto up to 4 items, assuming that they were on their Character Sheets at the start of the Quest:

  • 1 wearable artifact not including armor (e.g. footwear, armbands, cloaks, rings)
  • 1 dagger or Magical Throwing Dagger
  • 1 group of 3 Hero Spell cards
  • coins/gems worth up to 100 gold

These items may be divided among the Heroes as desired, but the spell group, as a single item, must be given to either the Elf or the Wizard. If the players choose the Elf spells, they must be given to the Elf. The remaining spell groups are lost for this Quest. A beginning party would only get to share a dagger and the 3 spells. Any additional items the Heroes may have been carrying are lost and crossed off their Character Sheets.

2. Unarmed Combat
Heroes without weapons may still inflict damage on an enemy by rolling a single combat die. The Barbarian scores potential damage normally with a skull. The Dwarf or Elf need a white shield to score a potential hit. The Wizard scores a potential hit with a black shield.

3. Wilderness
Most of the map is considered dense tropical jungle, with thick vegetation forming walls, and corridors representing game trails. Most of the doors are placed on the gameboard already opened, but do not reveal the contents of the area beyond an open door until a Hero stands in the square directly in front of it. Unless otherwise noted in the Quest notes, do not use the Treasure Card deck in these “rooms“. Instead, roll 2 red dice and consult the following table:

  • 2 Jungle Fever! The Hero rolls one less combat die for attack and defense, but always 1 minimum. Movement drops to 1 red die (1 red die divided by two and rounded up if already moving with only 1 red die). The Hero loses 1 Mind Point and cannot cast spells or use spell scrolls. If a Hero already suffering from Jungle Fever rolls 2 on this table again, he only loses the Mind Point. The effects of Jungle Fever may be removed by any magical healing that cures at least 4 Body Points at one time (e.g. Water of Healing, Healing Potion, but not the healing berries below). Curing Jungle Fever also restores Mind Points to their starting value regardless of how they were lost.
  • 3 You find a large turtle and make a meal of it. You can use its shell as a shield (See the Armory on the cardboard platform in the Game System for this item), but it becomes useless if you get 3 or more skulls on a defense roll.
  • 4 The berries looked enticing, but were poisonous! Roll 2 combat dice and lose 1 Mind Point if either comes up a skull.
  • 5 You manage to break off a sturdy tree limb. It may be used as a staff (See the Armory on the cardboard platform in the Game System for this weapon), but it becomes useless if you get a black shield on an attack roll.
  • 6 Wandering Monster
  • 7 A good sized volcanic rock lies on the ground. It is worth 15 gold, but you may opt to throw it at any time at a monster you can see (and thus lose it) for 1 combat die.
  • 8 Wandering Monster
  • 9 A poisonous snake bites you! Roll 2 combat dice and lose 1 Body Point for each skull rolled.
  • 10 Ah, delicious berries. You pick a number equal to 1 red die. Each cures 1 Body Point OR 1 Mind Point, but you may use them during this Quest only. These berries may not be used to cure Jungle Fever.
  • 11 Wandering Monster
  • 12 One of the oysters you saved from the beach for a snack contains a pearl worth 100 gold!

4. Mind Points
When a Hero reaches zero Mind Points, he is not dead but in shock. (A Hero cannot go below zero Mind Points.) He rolls only 1 red die to move, attacks with only 1 combat die, and defends with only 2 combat dice. (Armor, weapons and most artifacts do not increase the attack or defend dice when a Hero is in shock.) The Hero’s attack and defend dice can be temporarily increased by some spells and spell scrolls.

A Hero suffering from Jungle Fever that drops to zero Mind Points is unconscious and must be carried by another Hero. The burdened Hero moves with 1 red die (or 1 red die divided by 2 and rounded up if already moving at 1 red die). Curing a Hero’s Mind Points above zero removes the shock or unconscious condition, but does not cure Jungle Fever’s other effects.


A. The Heroes begin their quest in any non-edge space on this tile. Let the Heroes know that this tile is considered a room that may be searched.

B. Tell the Heroes that this is a clearing containing an old log covered in mushrooms (the table). The first Hero to perform any kind of search in this room angers a group of centipedes nesting in the log. After this happens, each Hero or monster that enters the room or that ends its turn within, suffers an attack of 1 combat die from the insects which may be defended against normally. The centipedes are too small to be attacked by weapons, but a spell that does damage (e.g. Ball of Flame or Genie) will permanently clear their nest.

C. The first Hero to search for treasure finds a shortsword on the body of the orc. (See the Armory on the cardboard platform in the Game System for this weapon.)

D. This area is bisected by a muddy river. Let the Heroes know that to cross it, they must begin their turn at one edge, then roll 1 combat die. On a black shield, they successfully jump to the square directly across. (A Hero with the Rabbit Boots artifact makes the jump successfully on anything except a black shield, and a Hero drinking a Potion of Dexterity is automatically successful.) Movement ends, but they may attack any monster within range. If either a white shield or skull is rolled, or if another Hero or a monster occupies the landing space, the Hero ends his turn in the river directly in front of the starting square. On his next turn, the Hero may crawl out of the muck to an adjacent square and end his move as above. A Hero may not attempt to jump the river if there is another Hero already in the river adjacent to him.

The monsters will do everything they can to make things difficult for the Heroes while remaining on their side of the river. They will occupy potential landing spaces to try to force Heroes into the river. They will throw rocks at Heroes on the opposite side (roll 1 combat die, and consider a hit to be a white shield which may be defended normally). They will attack Heroes in the river. Heroes in the river attack and defend with 1 less combat die than normal (1 minimum). A Hero may remain in the river as long as he wants for an adjacent space to open.

The first Hero to search for treasure will find an old crossbow under a bush on the far side of the river. It appears intact, but it is missing its
string and there are no quarrels to be found.


Tell the Heroes that the area ahead is filled with a dense patch of brambles unlike other vegetation they’ve seen on the island to this point. It’s particularly thick, almost as if it was placed here as a barrier. They might be able to hack a path through it, but must be wary of the inch long thorns…

A Hero cutting through the brambles must roll 3 combat dice and reduce his Body Points by 1 for each skull rolled. When done, place the door on the gameboard, and searches may be performed normally.

The door has an inscription carved above it, but it is not in a language the Heroes can read. The door is stuck shut. Each Hero may attempt a roll of 1 red die to open it- the Barbarian or Dwarf succeed on a 5 or 6, the Elf or Wizard on a 6 only. If all attempts fail, the door may only be opened by casting one of the following spells: Ball of Flame, Fire of Wrath, Genie or Twist Wood.

F. Let the Heroes know that this room smells musty with just a hint of carrion. They guess it must be a crypt or tomb. What you first took for piles of old rags slowly rise up and approach you with red, glowing eyes!

These Zombies have 2 Body Points, and a Hero that takes any damage from their attacks misses his next turn (exactly as if a Tempest spell had been cast).

Each of the coffins is trapped with a spear trap. If a Hero searches for treasure prior to their disarming, he springs both traps. The first Hero to search for treasure finds 50 gold and a dagger in the coffins. (See the Armory on the cardboard platform in the Game System for this weapon.) Use the Treasure card deck for subsequent searches in this room.

G. When the first Hero searches for treasure in this room, a skeleton will appear at each X and immediately move to attack the closest Hero possible. If a Hero currently occupies a space containing an X, the skeleton will appear as close as possible to that location. This is a magical trap that may not be searched for or disarmed.

After the skeletons are dispatched, the next Hero that searches for treasure will find a helmet, a broadsword and a silver necklace worth 100 gold on a skeleton (dead one this time) inside the sarcophagus. (See the Armory on the cardboard platform in the Game System for these items.) Use the Treasure card deck for subsequent searches in this room.

H. Let the Heroes know that the Goblin appears to be cowering back from the Giant Wolf.

If no Hero is adjacent to the Giant Wolf when it is Zargon’s turn, it will attack the Goblin. The Goblin never attacks. If a Hero attacks the Goblin, it is slain instantly, and the Heroes discover that it was actually an orc child. If a Hero kills the Giant Wolf before the child is slain, the orc child will latch on to that Hero’s leg and refuse to be parted from him. The child will automatically reveal any pit traps about to be stepped on by the Heroes.

The Giant Wolf is the runt of the litter.

Code: Select all
------------     ----------     ----------     --------     --------
  MOVEMENT         ATTACK         DEFEND         BODY         MIND
      9               4              3             3            1   
------------     ----------     ----------     --------     --------

The first Hero to search for treasure finds a strange collar on the Giant Wolf’s corpse. It is a makeshift affair made from a crossbow string twisted around a rock crystal worth 25 gold.

I. If the Heroes have the orc child from area H with them, place the secret door leading to this area on the gameboard when the first Hero moves adjacent to it (if they haven’t already discovered it). The child runs toward the door when it is revealed, opens it, and tries to pull his “champion” inside with him.

If one of the Heroes steps inside, tell them all that it appears to be a tribal village cunningly hidden to appear from the exterior as a thickly vegetated mound. Orcs and goblins surround the child and greet him warmly, and he disappears into their midst. An old looking Fimir approaches you, and speaks haltingly in the common speech. He introduces himself as Grum, the tribal shaman. He thanks you for rescuing young Jabrik, and welcomes you to stay for a feast.

Place the Hero inside the room, and place all the monsters and furniture as shown. If they decide to take Grum up on his offer, place all the other monsters and furniture for the other 2 rooms. During the feast, Grum explains to you the history of the tribe while Jabrik happily sits on his champion’s lap. Use any available figures to represent Grum and Jabrik (a Chaos Warlock and Ice Gremlin, e.g.). Grum is depicted on the map as the lone Fimir in the room with the alchemist’s bench.

Several decades ago the Blue Orchid tribe was captured by minions of Zargon for use as slaves. They jumped ship while en route to one of his strongholds, vowing to drown rather than serve him. Miraculously, they found this island, survived, and even thrived here. They learned to brew many elixirs from the abundance of medicinal plants.

More recently, a pirate band began operations from the island. The island is close to the shipping lanes, and the buccaneers use a small but swift sloop to waylay passersby. Their captain, a vicious brute named Haggletooth, kept (keeps, if they didn’t kill it yet) a vicious wolf as a pet that has almost sniffed out the tribal lands on a few occasions now, thus the recent pit traps dug in the area where they gather their medicines. If the Heroes could see their way to taking care of the pirates, it would be a great burden off the tribe’s shoulders, and possibly provide the Heroes with the means to reach a rescue ship!

The tribe will offer the following to friendly Heroes:

  • Any Hero with Jungle Fever will be cured with Mind Points restored to their starting value.
  • If the Heroes have the crossbow from D and the string from H, Grum will give them a quiver of quarrels. The Heroes now have a working crossbow. (See the Armory on the cardboard platform in the Game System for this weapon.)
  • Each Hero without a better weapon will be given a staff. (See the Armory on the cardboard platform in the Game System for this weapon.)
  • Heroes may purchase any potions from the Kellar’s Keep Quest Book Alchemist’s Shop at half the normal price.
  • Up to 1 goblin may be hired by each Hero as a Mercenary if they agree to attack the pirates. The Goblins operate exactly as the monsters described in the Game System, except that they may attack diagonally and carry a healing berry (may not be traded) that cures 1 Body Point. They charge 25 gold each for their service.
  • Grum will meditate with the Elf and Wizard allowing them to each gain 1 group of spells- one may take the Air spells, and the other may take the Water spells. If the group chosen at the Quest beginning was already one of these, the spell-caster may rememorize any spells already cast. If the Elf took the spells at the start of the Quest, and they were not of either of these groups, or if the Elf was killed, the Wizard may potentially gain all 6 spells.
  • If the Heroes agree to battle the pirates, the tribe will give them 2 potions of healing that cure up to 4 Body Points each.
  • If the Heroes rescued Jabrik, and they don’t already have one, Grum will gift them with his most prized possession- the Wizard’s Cloak. (See the matching artifact card in the Game System.)

If the Heroes did not rescue Jabrik, they may be inclined to attack the tribe once they open the secret door. If the Heroes did rescue Jabrik and attack anyway, the following also occurs. The monsters will defend themselves, but will not attack on Zargon’s first turn, instead holding out their hands in a gesture of peace. If the Heroes desist from attack, Grum will approach from the crowd, heal any injured monsters with spells or potions, explain to the Heroes that they are not thralls of Zargon, and invite them to the feast as above. The only difference in outcome is that the Heroes will be given only 1 potion of healing if they agree to battle the pirates, and will not be given the Wizard’s Cloak.
If the Heroes insist on battling the tribe after the first combat round, place all the monsters and furniture for these 3 rooms on the gameboard immediately and have at it.

The monsters are normal in all ways except that each carries a berry that they may use at any time to cure 1 Body Point, and each may attack diagonally.

Code: Select all
------------     ----------     ----------     --------     --------
  MOVEMENT         ATTACK         DEFEND         BODY         MIND
      6               2              4             3            5   
------------     ----------     ----------     --------     --------

Grum has 2 healing berries, can attack diagonally, and can cast the following Hero spells: Sleep, Tempest, Water of Healing.

If the entire tribe is slain, the Heroes may search the rooms normally, but instead of the Treasure card deck or the roll described in the special rules, roll one combat die and one red die and consult the following table:

Code: Select all
   Combat        Red     Result
------------     ---     ------
skull            1-3     Staff (See the Armory on the cardboard platform in the Game System for this weapon.)
skull            4-6     Wandering Monster
white shield      1      Potion of Restoration (See Kellar’s Keep Quest Book Alchemist’s Shop.)
white shield      2      Venom Antidote (See Kellar’s Keep Quest Book Alchemist’s Shop.)
white shield      3      Potion of Battle (See Kellar’s Keep Quest Book Alchemist’s Shop.)
white shield      4      Potion of Dexterity (See Kellar’s Keep Quest Book Alchemist’s Shop.)
white shield     5-6     You twist an ankle and lose one Body Point.
black shield      1      Wizard’s Cloak (See the matching artifact card in the Game System.)
black shield      2      You find a quiver of quarrels. If you also have the crossbow string from H and the broken crossbow from D, you may create a working crossbow. (See the Armory on the cardboard platform in the Game System for this weapon.)
black shield      3      Potion of healing cures up to 4 Body Points.
black shield     4-5     A poisonous snake bites you. Roll 2 combat dice and lose 1 Body Point for each skull rolled
black shield      6      Jungle Fever (see Wilderness special rule).

Heroes friendly to the tribe may not search for treasure in these rooms.

J. Let the Heroes know that they approach a large cave entry in the side of a hill, and guttural shouts can be heard within. If Jabrik is with the Heroes as they get to the space marked (1), he becomes increasingly agitated and points in the direction of area I. If his “champion“ moves adjacent to the cave door, he will run toward area I and disappear.

If one of the Orcs survives the initial attacks of the Heroes, and has a legal path to do so, it will move to open the door to the back room instead of attacking. If this happens, place all the back room furniture and monsters on the gameboard, and they may take their turns immediately. If the Giant Wolf in area H has not previously been slain, it is also placed in this room between the other 3 monsters.

These Fimirs, special bodyguards of Haggletooth, defend with 4 combat dice and may attack diagonally.

The first Hero to search for treasure in the back room without first finding and disarming the trap on the chest loses 1 Body Point from a
poison pin on the lock, but finds 175 gold inside it. Once the occupants of the back room have been slain, the next search for treasure in either
room (after the chest search if in the back room) reveals set of chainmail on one of the Fimirs, and a longsword on the other. (See the Armory
on the cardboard platform in the Game System for these items.) If the Giant Wolf was slain in these rooms, this search also gives the collar as
described in area H, Use the Treasure card deck for additional searches.

K. This passageway leads to a sheltered cove where a small sloop is moored. The Heroes have found a potential way off the island! Read the conclusion following.

Wandering Monsters in this Quest: Goblin


NOTE: If the Heroes never encountered the Blue Orchids, or if they have slaughtered the tribe, read only the second paragraph.

Before you leave, Grum and the rest of the Blue Orchids bid you farewell and thank you for freeing them from the depredations of the pirates. They give you one each of the potions from the Kellar’s Keep Quest Book Alchemist’s Shop, and offer blessings for a safe journey. These are undoubtedly the strangest friends you’ve ever made on your adventures.

The sloop is surprisingly easy to control, having been designed for a small crew in coastal waters, not for long voyages on the open seas. It isn’t long before a merchant vessel spies you flying a white banner of truce and picks you up, but not before you discover 200 gold in the sloop’s hold to divide among you. After your harrowing adventures on the island, the return trip back to the lands of the Emperor turns out to be rather boring. You thank all the gods you can think of, assuming that one of them must be the patron of boring trips.

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Re: Shipwrecked!

Postby dores83 » Monday March 14th, 2011 4:41am

cool job you put time in it like the map gonne play it later whit some friends greetings from belgium
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Re: Shipwrecked!

Postby scarden » Sunday May 29th, 2011 4:41pm

Very Cool scenario
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