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PostPosted: Sunday December 31st, 2023 1:22pm
by TheLastChaosWarrior
Vorimir wrote:Ive changed this quest to a "real one" where those halls are like a sacred temple dedicated to Rogar, first king of the Realm. The heroes have visited the place before, they can pray and donate in the temple to try to rise his body point by 1 paying 500 coins. Dwarf and Barbarian rolls 4 combat dices, Elf and Wizard 3. If a player rolls two white shields they get it. Only one +1 per character, the cant stack it.
The story is that the halls have been invaded by Zargons minions and they have to cleanse it. The gargoyle can cast a dread spell every turn.

This is a GREAT idea, one I will be using.
I'm going to use your praying mechanic to give the Hero a bonus body point, and think of a way of including some of the spiritual monsters from SQT and POT as well.


PostPosted: Monday January 1st, 2024 11:10pm
by wallydubbs
I made another run through Rogar's Hall... In fact I think I'm gonna run through it multiple times with different groups of heroes. This time I used the randomly drawn team of Rogue, Elf, Dwarf and Wizard. The Elf used Illusion spells (Disappear, Double Image and Hypnotic Blaze) while the Wizard took Earth, Fire and Water spells.

The Quest had a very rough start as the Elf's treasure search in the first room was a Wandering Monster and once the heroes took it out the 4 orcs came in from the Stairwell with a Brutal onslaught. Asides from the Rogue taking out 1 orc the next 2 turns of the heroes yielded nothing but flops! The Rogue was dead before the heroes left the first room and the Wizard was down to 2BP and Dwarf only had 3. The first spell the Wizard used was Fire of Wrath, which failed. His 2nd spell was to return the Dwarf to full health with Water of Healing. 3rd spell was to put Rock Skin on himself.

As the 3 remaining heroes took the northern hallway the Wizard was successful at taking out a Mummy with Ball of Flame as the Dwarf dud battle with two more orcs. Elf cast Double Image to aid the Wizard from the Mummy's attacks. Surprisingly the Dwarf took out the two orc, but it wasn't without taking damage. The Wizard even took the other Mummy down to 1BP before the other heroes helped take him out. However Double Image didn't help and Wizard lost 1BP and Rock Skin.

Next up were the Natchga Goblins, in the weapons rack room, who did no damage and were quickly taken out. The Dwarf found an Unidentified Ingredient upon searching.
The Elf panicked upon walking into a room with 3 Abominations and cast Hypnotic Blaze, which, amazingly hypnotized all 3 Abominations and the Dwarf. The Wizard only landed 1 :skull: while the Elf managed to take out 1 Abomination within the 3 turns. The other 2 didn't last long once the Dwarf recovered. The Elf found a Mysterious Flower upon searching for treasure.

They discovered the secret door, following it to face the other Abomination, who was a lot harder to kill, but they managed. The Dwarf discovered the Spirit Blade in the chest it was guarding while the Wizard got poison from the treasure deck, losing 1MP.

Exiting to the hallway the Elf saw the pit trap and Dwarf disarmed it.
The Elf lagged behind on his dice rolls as the Dwarf and Wizard were confronted by the Skeletons. The Wizard attempted combat and luckily wasn't brought down to 0BP, the Dwarf utilized the Spirit Blade taking out 3 skeletons before the Elf arrived to take out the last one. The Elf went on to use Disappear and account unseen into the next room. Wizard granted him Courage while the Dwarf used his Spirit Blade to fight the mummies. Eventually they took out the Mummies. The Dwarf found a Mysterious Flower in the torture rack room.

The Natchga Goblins fell quickly in the following room but upon search for treasure the Elf drew a Wandering Monster, who indeed inflicted a body points of damage, with poison added, leaving the heroes in bad shape at 1BP, Wizard had to use Heal Body on him.

The 3 Heroes managed to take out the 3 Goblins in the next room without taking damage. A Sacred plant was drawn out of the Treasure Deck

But then came the Gargoyle... The Elf was able to get a :skull: on his first attack. Dwarf followed up with a 2nd :skull:. But the Gargoyle drew the Skate Dread card, which was effectively useless. However his attack was much more effective against the Dwarf.
The next round the heroes either missed or were blocked. The Gargoyle drew Channel Dread against the Wizard but a :roll3: was rolled.
Going through the 3 heroes it was surprisingly the Wizard who delivered the final blow the the Gargoyle.
Upon searching the room the Dwarf drew Ring of Warmth from the Artifact deck.

In the next room the heroes found the Alchemist Table, the Wizard went to work, not requiring a reagent kit, crafting 2 Potions of Defence, 1 Restoration and 1 Potion of Magic, which the Dwarf allowed him keep. Not surprisingly Wizard reclaimed Water of Healing, Heal Body and Courage. He used the healing spells on his companions as they would be doing most of the fighting.
Also a Potion of Defence was found in that room via treasure search.

The Elf and Dwarf took out the Zombies on their way back to the starting room. But the Elf fell into the pit trap heading back. The two took out the Abomination waiting around the corner.

The heroes then went straight through the center room, opening the other door and fought off the Orcs. From there they circled back to the other northern room and defeated the Natchga Goblins. Unfortunately the Wizard drew a Hazard from the treasure deck, dropping him to 0BP.

The next room had 3 Dread Warriors. The Dwarf and Elf fought valiantly and even took out 2 Dread Warriors, but they were too much for the duo. It came down to the third Dread Warrior who finished off the Elf.

I think I'm gonna try this with other groups searching for a team the jives well with each other. Not that this team didn't, but the Rogue proved to be a liability.


PostPosted: Tuesday January 2nd, 2024 11:00am
by TheLastChaosWarrior
Yeah, rogue is too mushy, with only a 3d defense as written.
I have homebrewed Leather Armour for him to bring it to 4, but only works against melee attacks, not ranged.
My mate who I play with who has now played about 8 Quest asked to see what other Heros there was.
On seeing Rogue, he asked " It says no metal armour or shields. Does that mean no metal armour and metal shields, or no shields at all"
Good question I replied, I explained I have made up leather armour for him, but he just said four defense is still weak for someone with no spells!
I said he can move through monsters to escape.
But he said "yeah, but he's got to survived the first attack from probably all the monsters in the room"!
" Thanks, but no thanks, I'll stick with Dwarf!!!!"


PostPosted: Tuesday January 2nd, 2024 10:16pm
by wallydubbs
Yeah, the Rogue's one of the weaker heroes.

However I found a group that completed Rogar's Hall with only 1 casualty: The Knight, Warlock, Dwarf and Druid. Understandably a lot of this comes down to luck of the dice roll and treasure card draws, and I can say both were kinder to this group then the previous one:

The Knight searched for traps.
Warlock searched Secret Doors.
Dwarf finds a Mysterious Flower in treasure search.
Druid casts Shapeshift on herself.

The Orc's flood the stairwell and attack. The Knight, Warlock and Druid escaped damage but the Dwarf lost 1BP. In retaliation the Knight flopped on his attack, but the rest of the heroes were successful in taking out the 3 other orcs. The orc landed :skull: :skull: in his follow-up attack that the Knight failed to defend.
The Knight took out the Orc and Warlock cast Demonform on herself. Druid and Dwarf waited for the others before going on.

They took the Northern door and the Knight went after the first Mummy, while.Warlock fired her wand at the other, but flopped too. Dwarf followed up on the melee attack. Druid ran out of sight from the mummies and searched the hallway. The Knight took out the Mummy, Dwarf delivered 1 BP of damage to the Mummy, backed away and the Druid finished it off.
The Warlock and the Druid took out the orcs at the end of the hall.
The Natchga Goblins didn't last long nor do any damage in the weapons rack room. But the Druid drew Poison from the treasure deck and escaped mental health damage.
Next were the 3 Abominations, where the Knight charged in to room prepared for battle, the Warlock fired from the wand standing in the doorway. The Dwarf made it in to fight the Abomination closest to the door but the Druid failed to roll high enough.
2 Abominations went after the Knight while the Dwarf defended from one. Eventually the heroes cleared out the Abominations with the Knight dropping to 2BP and the Dwarf was down to 5. Druid cast Life Force on the Knight, taking him back to 6BP. The Knight discovered a Potion of Air Walk via the treasure deck. Warlock found the secret door.
The Abomination in the next room guarding the chest was taken out in a consistent effort as the Druid claimed the chest finding Raven's Talon, which would greatly improve her Shapeshift ability.

Continuing forward the Warlock saw the pit trap and Dwarf disarmed it. The heroes circled the bottom of the board to face the Skeletons. I don't think the skeletons did any damage.
In the rack room with Mummies the Druid took 1 damage, losing her Shapeshift. Once the Mummies were defeated searches revealed no traps, secret doors and a hazard taken by the Druid. She would then cast Pixie on herself for 2BP to reclaim Shapeshift.
The heroes had no issues with the 4 goblins in the next 2 rooms, treasure searches revealed 15 Gold for the Dwarf and a Potion of Defence for the Warlock.

They charged the Gargoyle in the next room. The Knight whiffed on his attack, but the Warlock managed to get one :skull: to land. Though the Dwarf rolled a :skull:, it was blocked. Druid gave it a shot with Raven's Talon/Shapeshift and rolled :skull: :blackshield: :skull:, rerolling the :blackshield: yielded a :skull:. Gargoyle managed 1 block, but took the other 2BP, killed before he could draw a spell.
Knight searched traps, Warlock secret doors, Dwarf treasure, drawing a Wandering Monster, where Knight played Knight's Challenge. The Druid finished off the Goblin before he could attack again.

When the Warlock searched the chest in the next room she found the Cloak of Shadows.

The Knight and Warlock took out the Zombies in the hall past thr secret door and the Dwarf fell into the pit trap. The Druid rolled short and was unable to follow. The Knight ran past the hall with the Abomination, not wanting to block the Warlock's attack on the Abomination, also willing to provide a protective shield. But the Warlock's attack missed. The Dwarf was brave enough to step up to the Abomination and got 1 :skull: in. Druid tried to jump the pit trap and failed... A major disappointment as she lost her Shapeshift due to a pit trap.

The heroes found the secret door, returned to the starting room and went North again to follow the other door, taking out the Natchga Goblins. When searching for treasure the Warlock got a Hazard and lost her Demonform.
The room with the 3 Dread Warriors was brutal. The Knight had 4BP, Warlock 3BP, Dwarf 3BP, Druid 5BP.
The Knight ran in first and failed to land a :skull:.
Warlock shot from the door at one Dread Warrior and landed 1 hit. Dwarf's attack was blocked, Druid rolled :whiteshield: :whiteshield:. The Dread Warrior's did a lot of damage but the heroes kept fighting. The Knight failed to get a hit in, the Warlock stead of attacking cast Fear on a Dread Warrior, taking effect. The Dwarf hit a Dread Warrior for 1 BP. Druid did the same, taking advantage of the :blackshield:. The heroes adjusted positions. The Dwarf was about to take 2BP but the Knight used Shield Block to cancel it. The Knight then took more damage that would've ended him but he played Stalwart. The Dread Warrior induced with Fear did roll a :skull:, but the Druid blocked it.
The Knight managed to get a :skull: in. Dwarf did more chip damage on his adversary while the Druid and Warlock finished off one Dread Warrior. In Zargon's turn the Dread Warrior delivered a final blow to the Knight while the Dwarf dropped to 1BP.
The Dwarf finished off one Dread Warrior while the Warlock and Druid focused on the last one. The Dread Warrior then delivered a devastating :skull: :skull: :skull: hit on the Druid, dropping her the 1BP as well. But they persevered and took out the Dread Warrior.
A search for treasure later the Druid was 50 gold richer.

The 3 Remaining heroes stormed the last room, Warlock's attack getting blocked, Dwarf landing 1 :skull:, and the Druid rolled :skull: :blackshield:, rerolling the :blackshield: into a :skull: and finishing off the Dread Warrior. In the chest the Dwarf found a Magical Throwing Dagger.

The heroes then walked the long way around with the Dwarf successfully disarming a pit trap. They decided to check that last door into a hallway with 2 Orcs. Due to the narrowness of the passage only the Warlock was able to get an attack, taking out an orc. The other one retaliated and rolled :skull: :skull: :skull:, but she played Dark Wings to escape. Druid took out the final orc and the heroes were victorious. They lost the Knight but he sacrificed himself for the team victory.

For any team the Knight would be a much needed member.


PostPosted: Wednesday January 3rd, 2024 5:11am
by TheLastChaosWarrior
Knight is awesome, they fact he can wear plate armour and not have any movement penalty is reason enough to have him. He is the new tank!!


PostPosted: Wednesday January 3rd, 2024 3:31pm
by wallydubbs
TheLastChaosWarrior wrote:Knight is awesome, they fact he can wear plate armour and not have any movement penalty is reason enough to have him. He is the new tank!!

This makes me feel bad for the Barbarian...


PostPosted: Wednesday January 3rd, 2024 10:36pm
by wallydubbs
Anyway, I ran another trial test for Rogar's Hall, but it's more so about finding the best team of heroes working together then it is about this quest itself. I prefer using Rogar's Hall because it's good testing ground. The heroes aren't necessarily supposed to win here. So if a team fails like the Rogue, Wizard, Elf and Dwarf, there's room for improvement. So it was quite surprising when the Knight, Warlock, Druid and Dwarf prevailed.

Today's run was with the Rogue, Knight, Elf and Barbarian. It's difficult to tell if this was more or less successful then the previous group. Don't get me wrong, they won, but it came down to the absolute wire. This group had no healing spells and went through the quest scrounging. Each hero (Rogue, Knight, Elf & Barbarian) had only 1BP at the end of the quest. Also another queer factor about this is that the Rogue actually tied the Barbarian in # of monsters killed at 12 each. The Knight actually got the least kills, I noticed while playing he rolled a lot of flops.

We all the know the Knight and Rogue's skills, in this Quest the Elf had Time Spells (Flashback, Slow and Timestop)

Starting Room Elf found a Mysterious Flower.
The 4 orcs launched an attack that brought the Elf down to 2BP and Barbarian to 6BP by the time the battle was over. They went through the western door and killed the orcs.
The next challenge came with the 3 Abominations. Surprisingly the Rogue took one out using just Ambidextrous. Rogue was first in turn order and ran into the room, since there were no heroes adjacent to the Abomination he took the chance, rolling consecutive :skull: while the Abomination failed to roll a :blackshield:.
I think this was another whiff for the Knight as the Elf and Barbarian followed into the fight. The Elf lost 1 more BP here and played the rest of the quest with 5BP. The Knight took damage too.
When the Abominations were done the secret door was discovered and Barbarian got a Potion of Defence from the treasure deck.
They decided to go through the other door first and faced the Natchga Goblins. 2 were killed on the heroes turn but one survived and managed to get a hit on the Barbarian, bringing him to 4BP. The Rogue took out the last one while the Knight checked traps and Elf found 50 gold worth of jewels in the room.

Outside that room an orc was waiting by the door, the Knight attacked but flopped yet again. Leaving him to suffer the attacks of 2 orcs. I'm pretty sure they brought him down to 5BP.
The Rogue was the only one that could pass through the orcs to attack from the other side. He took out 1 orc despite only using 1 attack dice. This time the Knight took out the Orc.

The heroes continued to the east door and fought the Goblins without losing any Body Points. The Knight found a Potion of Air Walk through the treasure deck.
Next came the real challenge where the 4 heroes faced the 3 Dread Warriors. Despite no heroes being in the room the Rogue took a chance like she did with the Abomination, but it didn't work out this time... 0 hits. The Knight gave it a chance but whiffed again! The Elf was down to 1BP and played it careful, casting Timestop on the Barbarian, who ran in with 1 attack knocking a Dread Warrior down to 1BP. Her next attack was against a different Dread Warrior where he rolled only 1 :skull:, but it was blocked.
2 Dread Warriors attacked Barbarian, 1 rolled only 1 :skull:, but the Barbarian blocked it. The other missed completely. Even more miraculous, the 3rd Dread Warrior failed to land a hit on the Rogue. Rogue then utilized her Combat Mobility, running through adversarial forces to attack the 1 Dread Warrior at 1BP, using Opportunistic Striker to take him out. The Knight finally rolled :skull: :skull:, taking a Dread Warrior down to 1BP. The Elf gave it a go and was blocked. Barbarian did a body points of damage to a Dread Warrior.
The Dread Warrior retaliated with :skull: :skull: :skull: :blackshield:. Barbarian used her potion of defence and rolled 2 :whiteshield:s, down to 1BP! The Knight was hit too, dropping to 2BP. The heroes managed to pull it together and take out the last 2 Dread Warriors. The Knight drew a Hazard from the Treasure Deck but the Elf cast Flashback to prevent this.
Upon finding the secret doors the heroes gave it a shot in surrounding the Dread Warrior asides from the Elf, who was afraid to lose his last BP. They hit him for 2 before he fought back and dropped the Rogue down to 3BP. The Knight managed to finish him off.
In the chest the Rogue going an Elixir of Life from the Artifact deck while the Elf drew Jewels from the Treasure Deck again.

The heroes pressed forward to the hallway and spotted the pit trap. Since none of them had a Tool Kit they decided to backtrack and go through the other Secret Doors they previously abandoned. They went through the middle room to get there, encountering the Mummies just before. The mummies took a while to kill and there was only room for 2 heroes in the hall. The Barbarian was nearly killed but the Knight saved her with Shied Block. The Rogue bounced in and out of the battle with Combat Mobility, Opportunistic Striker and Ambidextrous, while the Elf took the long way around to get back to the middle room and attack the mummies from behind. However the battle was over before he could get there.

The Elf went through the secret door and found the Abomination first, casting Slow on it, waiting for the other heroes to help. The Knight slayed the Abomination. In the chest the Elf found the Scales of Elthorn while the Barbarian claimed a Potion of Warmth from the Treasure Deck.

There was a debate among the heroes to use the Elixir of Life on the Barbarian or Knight to up their chances but they weren't sure if they were allowed to used the 1-off items as part of the mission was to return with them. They decided not to use it unless absolutely necessary. The heroes carried on and spotted the pit trap that awaits them. Both the Rogue and Barbarian fell in. In the case of Barbarian it brought her down to 0BP, but she drank the Potion of Warmth.

The heroes carried forward and the Knight reached the 4 Skeletons first, defeating one on the first encounter, but he was then surrounded and one skeleton managed to get another BP off of him, bringing him down to 1BP.
The Rogue ran through the hoard of skeletons, taking one out. The Knight and Elf finished the rest.
In the torture rack room the Rogue ran in but wasn't lucky with his 1AD. The Barbarian Elf and Knight joined the frey but weren't able to take out the Mummies. One mummy got a swipe in on the Rogue, taking her down to 1BP. The 2nd turn through the heroes managed to finish off the mummies. The Rogue drew a Wandering Monster, but the Knight played Knight's Challenge, blocking the goblin's attack and finishing it off on his turn.

The Natchga Goblins fell quickly in the next room and the Rogue found an Elven Cloak of Passage in the treasure deck. (In my game ruing the Elf and Rogue are the only ones who can use this item since Rogue's are Elfkind.
The other heroes finished off the Goblins in the next room before her next turn so she used the Cloak of Passage to peek ahead at the next 2 rooms, warning the other heroes of the Gargoyle that awaits. Asides from the Rogue the heroes ran in and surrounded the Gargoyle and attacked. The Knight's attack was blocked, the Elf hit him for 1BP and surprisingly 2 :skull:s of the Barbarian's went through, defeating the Gargoyle before it could cast a spell and attack.
The Elf's search found another Mysterious Flower.
The next room nobody has a Reagent kit so the Barbarian found the Ancient Staff in the chest and the Knight drew a Wandering Monster from the treasure deck, but his shield is a formidable defence.
After dealing with the goblin and finding the secret door the Barbarian and Knight vanquished the Zombies in the hallway. The Elf ran further down and fell into the pit trap, but he ate the Mysterious Flower to revive 1BP, keeping him in the game.
The Knight had a faceoff with the last Abomination, whiffing his attack. The Abomination retaliated and took him to 0BP, but he used Stalwart to stay alive. The Rogue used Cloak of Passage to get behind the Abomination to attack, but was blocked. This time, however the Knight landed :skull: :skull:, defeating the Abomination while the Elf discovered the secret door and Barbarian used Air Walk to go over the pit trap.

All heroes barely survived with 1BP.


PostPosted: Friday January 5th, 2024 8:07pm
by TheLastChaosWarrior
wallydubbs wrote:
TheLastChaosWarrior wrote:Knight is awesome, they fact he can wear plate armour and not have any movement penalty is reason enough to have him. He is the new tank!!

This makes me feel bad for the Barbarian...

Don't feel bad for him. He is the only Hero swinging three CD from the off!!!!!